Cat Habitat - Homewood IL

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Ginger and Cinnamon are very bonded sisters. They are about 8 months old, spayed and had their shots. They are very shy and quiet but love attention. Show them some love and they will be very happy. They were found under a piece of furniture on a woman's deck when they were very small. She raised them for a couple months until she contacted us to find them a home.

Great News, Adopted together.

Say hello to Clover, a very energetic girl. Clover needs lots of attention and play time, and her favorite toy is a laser. If you have a family with plenty of people to play with her, this is the cat for you. She is 7 months old and will tell you all about her day if you are willing to listen.

This is Lily this is a petite girl that is about 7 months. She is a sweet girl that loves to play.

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